BSO Twinkle Project
The BSO Resonate team, together with pupils from a number of Poole schools, is proud to present Twinkle. In this musical presentation, legendary saxophonist of Van der Graaf Generator fame David Jackson, has composed a work in which young people from Poole, between 9 to 19, explore the mythical world of the Greek God and their legends - Orion and his dog Sirius, Andromeda and Perseus, Helios, his sun chariot and young son Phaeton,Cetus (the whale), Cygnus (the swan) and Kinesis (a newly created God of Energy).

Pupils from Montacute Special School take on the musical roles of the characters performing on Soundbeams and Jellybean instruments, whilst students from Poole Grammar School recount the dialogue of the Gods, and pupils from other schools each enact a different story. With a choir formed of pupils from Baden Powell School, these stories as old as time are told through dance/drama and song.

The performance is directed by Peter Talman (who memorably directed Noye?s Fludde in Kokoro?s Britten Day) with Bournemouth Arts University College students creating a set and advising on costumes. Also involved is a small instrumental group of players from the Mini BSO Strings and Dorset Music Service?s Soundstorm; plus BSO Principal Harp Eluned Pierce and students from Poole Grammar School.

Kit list

1x Catalyst v4 Pro media server
3x Christie LX41 Projector